What It’s Like to Travel Solo as a Female: 5 Annoying Questions I Always Get Asked

Female solo travel is a great thing – women becoming independent and traveling unknown (or known) places by themselves. It is very liberating and educational for someone who is ready for it. For something so empowering and liberating, you can only imagine the amount of people doubting the reality of female solo travel. Now, most people support my solo travels and encourage me to keep exploring, but when people do question my sanity (lol) it comes down to the following 5 questions. It’s actually insane how many times each of these questions have been presented to me and I’ve only been on a few solo trips. By all means, if you have asked me any of these questions and are now reading this blog, I promise I am not annoyed with you, it’s just a realization of the commonly asked questions I get that I answer over and over…Just a fun piece. 🙂 These questions come up when I’m planning travels, during my travels, and after the traveling.

1. Have you ever watched the movie, “Taken“???!?!?!?!

taken movie meme solo travel

I think every single female solo traveler out there can vouch for me on this one lol. Everyone’s first question is always if I have seen this movie…yes I have seen it, but I am not a teenager who willingly takes rides from strangers or nonchalantly makes it aware that I am traveling alone or staying somewhere alone. Of course there are realities to the dangers of predators and kidnappers, but if you know me, even if I have watched the movie Taken it would have no affect on my decision to keep traveling solo or somehow make my judgement relatable to those girls in the movie…It’s fun when I can finish someone’s sentence and chime in with the movie they were going to ask me if I have seen.

2. Where’s Your Boyfriend?

Uhhh..what? lol This happens when I’m alone during my traveling. Not gonna lie, I’ve used the excuse that I’m waiting for my boyfriend or husband to get out of some awkward situations, but just because I’m alone means that there is a boyfriend waiting around the corner. I think it’s hard for some people to find the world of solo traveling attractive, let alone female solo travel. Hence, why am I not spending my time exploring a new place with someone special to share it with.  This may also be a tactic to find out if I’m single quickly, but, still annoying. I don’t think assumptions are a great thing lol

3. How Can You Even Afford All of That? You Must Be Rich/Feeding Off Parents

One of my goals through this blog is to show people how AFFORDABLE travel can be if you are not going for the whole luxury vacation thing. (Which, btw, I believe there is a big difference between travel and vacation)  It might sound wild, but I will spend every last dime on travel and not spend a single dime on restaurants, clothes, small outings with my friends. I put my money where I think I will get the most out of it. Also, I will only travel if I have some insane, affordable deal.  I am not afraid to say how much I pay for my travels, and how I do it. I am flexible with my dates, travel  SUPER light, I don’t care about where I stay as long as it is safe, and I am not hard to please, AKA I don’t need to eat at fancy restaurants, buy souvenirs, or purchase extravagant things. I just like immersing myself in the everyday life of wherever I go, and make sure to save a little bit for the tourist-y things I would like to do.

What is annoying: people assuming you are rich or feed off your parents. It’s like telling me I’m incapable of traveling all on my own, and I am so reliant on something else other than myself….UGH (rant over sorry lol) BUT, have I asked for a little help at the end of my last trip when I missed my flight? Yes. Am I paying them back? Yup. But, if my traveling were up to me asking my parents for money….I would not have left this continent yet haha

4. Are You Trying to Find Yourself/Did You Just Go Through a Breakup?

Okay, well there’s always a little truth to the first question, but the second question isn’t always the case and it’s annoying that sometimes it’s assumed that a girl traveling alone must be heartbroken. In traveling solo, you learn more about yourself each trip- there is no cap on how much you can learn about yourself, so I say to the question of finding yourself, yes, in a personal growth context.

As for the whole break up thing, well lol my first solo trip was inspired by a break up for sure. I find when meeting other female solo travelers a lot of them have gone through a break up or bad relationship as well. Not cool to have stereotypes, but hey if it gets you out of your comfort zone, exploring the world, gaining self-confidence, and learning about yourself, who cares how your got there, it’s what you take away from the trip!  All solo travelers have their own story as to why there is no one is traveling with them, but what is more important is what happens during the trip and what memories they will take away from it. But just to note in my situation, I never felt like I was a damsel in distress..more of a bird let out of its cage and flying for the first time. (sorry for the cliche-ness haha) My solo trips after that first one still involved this question even though it was not the case and it was pretty annoying.

5. That’s So Dangerous… (?)

Okay, so not technically a question…but I added the question mark for comfort. I know that traveling alone, in general, requires more precaution, but that’s only routine, not because it is more dangerous, but it’s just to be smart and safe. What I normally say is, no matter where a person is, there is always going to be something dangerous or bad, but it’s how you take caution, react, and reply. If you have a good head on your shoulders, you’re already on your way to being a smart traveler. If you do a lot of research and take into consideration any “bad spots” in the area where you are traveling, that is better than not knowing. But no matter how much you do to prevent it or if you keep yourself from traveling due to “danger”, you are no less exposed to “threats” where you live than out traveling. No one can foretell if a terrorist attack will hit a specific site, but you can’t live in fear and suffer from thoughts that are just brewing in your mind. It’s not a bad thing to tell a female solo traveler, but I’m pretty sure the female has already gone through the thought process of analyzing dangers (it’s a female thing, sadly). So, rather than telling a female solo traveler that something is dangerous, maybe change it up and offer some safety advice or travel tips. 🙂


Are you a female solo traveler? And if so, do you agree or relate to any of these questions, or are some of them just completely off? Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you are a traveler but haven’t traveled solo yet, is it something that interests you? Here’s some inspiration to travel and maybe travel solo, it was my first blog I ever wrote and it was after my first solo trip, I’m sure you can imagine how inspired I was haha


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5 questions I always get asked as a female solo traveler

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  1. Michelle says:

    I can totally relate even though I’ve only travelled solo once! My dad told me he wasn’t going to “pull a Liam Neeson” and come over to Europe to save me haha. My post about it is here: https://lifeofacanadiangirl.wordpress.com/2017/04/08/have-a-little-faith-the-story-of-how-following-my-heart-changed-me/

    1. How funny ! My dad was
      Basically thinking that too 😂 just read your post and loved it!

  2. Julie says:

    I love this post!! We get crazy questions about traveling with our kids too. And the dangerous question makes me roll my eyes every single time!

  3. Sounds like it is much easier to travel solo as a guy. I only get asked if I get bored by myself.

  4. Jen says:

    This is hilarious! I can 100% relate and get all of these! It’s so hard for people to understand what a woman is doing traveling solo haha, sometimes we just wanna get out and see stuff! 🙂

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