16 Hours in Iceland – What To Do With a 16 Hour Layover In Iceland

Flying with WOW Air? You either have 1 of 2 layovers, a short 2-4 hour layover…or 16+ hours.  My first flight with WOW Airlines had the shorter layover at like 3am, so there was no chance of me leaving the airport.  Last week I had the 16 hour layover in Iceland, flying into the Keflavik/Reykjavik airport. 

First let me tell you my schedule: I would fly into KEF at 1:30pm-ish local time, and fly out to Germany the next morning at 5:58am.  My initial plan was to go into Reykjavik, explore the city, eat some fermented shark and drink some good beer, end my day at the Blue Lagoon, and sleep at the airport until my flight in the morning. BUT, through research and a friend who just did the same layover (thanks Gigi!) I got a lot of insight into how to make the most of this 16 hour layover…..

Here are some good things to know when flying into Iceland with WOW and you have a long layover:

  • Reykjavik is about 45-60 minutes from the airport
  • There are like less than 10 taxi companies aka they are all at a standard pricey rate
  • There are shuttles to/from Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, areas in Keflavik, but they are on a certain schedule (once an hour, every two hours)
  • A 10 minute taxi to my guesthouse in Keflavik was $35 USD
  • Roundtrip Shuttle to Blue Lagoon (see the whip in the vid) was around $50 USD. My host was able to help me schedule a pick up (two hours after I wanted, though, as resources are limited and I did not call a day or so ahead of time)
  • If you have an early flight (before 8am) like me and are staying in the city, schedule your taxi the day before so they can pick you up.  There are no taxis driving around for you to flag down…

Okay, so those points are the biggest factors that kept me from going into the city, I didn’t wanna risk missing my flight due to the distance of Reykjavik to the airport (missed a flight on this trip anyway though, we’ll talk about that later -___-)

Blue Lagoon –

I booked the Blue Lagoon as soon as I booked my trip (about two months ahead of time) as a lot of blogs mentioned they book up.  Since the shuttle picked me up 2 hours after my reservation time, I was worried I wouldn’t be let in.  A simple phone call to the Blue Lagoon assured me that I would be fine, I may just have to wait a little to enter.


I booked my AirBnB a couple days before leaving.  And I TOTALLY recommend Vilbert as I got an amazing email full of tips and resources from him upon confirmation.

info on the main coffee table of my apartment

He even suggested how I should arrange transportation to the Blue Lagoon…and his cute dog Krummi (see vid).

I ordered my taxi for an hour and a half before my flight (as the drive to the airport is like 10 minutes) and had plenty of time to check in and settle down.

Is it Safe to go Downtown with Such a Short Amount of Time?

I would say there is a possibility of being able to explore Reykjavik if you leave straight from the airport there and back on the last shuttle, or if money isn’t an issue, just schedule a taxi accordingly, but that would be in the hundreds I’m guessing.  I also would assume there wouldn’t be enough time for the Blue Lagoon.  I definitely spent around 4 hours there, and could’ve spent more.

All in all, I enjoyed my long layover in Iceland however I would like to go back to explore the Golden Circle and spend a week or so there taking in its beauty!!

Please let me know if you’d like a detailed blog about the Blue Lagoon and what to expect….probably will write it anyway lol I hope you enjoyed the blog and video! It’s my first attempt at a video sooooo….constructive criticism is welcome 🙂




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    Very informative ! Iceland looks amazing !

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