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My name is Aislynn, but most call me Ace. I am a 24-year-old Southern Californian who just caught the travel bug.  In researching for my first trip to Europe, I found that my excitement for searching through blogs for information and other’s experiences really helped me out and got me pumped, and I would love to contribute to someone’s excitement for exploration.  img_0072

I wanted to start a blog about my travels, tips, and findings. I somewhat recently graduated college, and have been working since I graduated.  I did not take a “gap” year, so I guess I am getting that urge to travel, although I do not think it will be temporary. When I planned my trip, I used so many different online resources, so why not become one  myself? I would like to inspire and help other fellow travelers through this blog.


This blog will focus on budget travel, travel hacks & tips, beer by destination, and anything water (SCUBA & free diving are my favz).

Other than travel, I love to be outdoors and spend time with my dog, Rex.  I am a PADI rescue diver, so anything that has to do with the ocean or water, I’m all about it. I love going on hikes, reading, spending time with my friends, and cooking.  I am looking to teach English in France by the end of the year…so let’s see how that goes!

As I continue to pursue my travels and spontaneity, my blog posts will grow in variety, but until then my posts will majorly focus on the United States and France. More destinations to come in May! 😉

So, take a look around, like, share, critique, and enjoy!! The more activity I see, the more I know people are reading and that I should keep writing! Thanks for visiting, enjoy!



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travel to dog beach in huntington beach
Rex at the Huntington Beach Dog Beach